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DETERMINED to redefine the economic consensus in its strict initial design

INSPIRED by the will of State history and the development of an economic gateway without further assimilation in the heart of the States

Recalling the historic monetary irrigation of the exchange movements by stressing, the historical divisions of the European countries and inefficiency of a sealed and constraining  union.


CONFIRMING the principle of proactive exchange of countries in a loyalist substantially competitive context.

CONFIRMING the need to promote a social context releasing States in decision-making to promote the social climate of the workers.

EAGER to increase trade with impact on short term for each State

EAGER to soften speculative constraints between the countries and finally to earn a return which is equivalent to the investment of each States.

DETERMINED to apply a sovereign economy to the States and to align only the will of joint interest, overriding the degree of convergence to the "usefulness of convergence”.